Retour aux années ’80 / Back to the ’80s

Un grand merci à Helena Pandelidis, directrice du marketing chez Fabricville. Elle m’a permis de réaliser mon rêve de collaborer avec Fabricville! A big thank you to Helena Pandelidis, marketing manager at Fabricville. She has made my dream of collaborating with Fabricville a reality! Inspiration Ces dernières années, les combinaisons sont partout dans les magazines de mode.… Continue reading Retour aux années ’80 / Back to the ’80s

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Conquer the Fear of the Invisible (Zipper)

Although I have already shared my aversion to ripping seams in a previous post, I haven’t spilled all of my dark sewing secrets onto the blogosphere. I must confess that I have a bit of an aversion to invisible zippers. They never quite turn out the way I want them to. More often than not,… Continue reading Conquer the Fear of the Invisible (Zipper)


Boyfriend or Girlfriend Jeans?

It is with absolutely no shame and a lot of pride that I post a picture of my derriere today for you to admire my brand new jeans. They took forever to complete. Not because they were complicated, but because I have a procrastination problem when it comes to ripping stitches. I won’t bore you with the details… Continue reading Boyfriend or Girlfriend Jeans?