Lingering Scent of Mothballs

Here’s my first wearable wool coat ever (the real first one I made 20 years ago does not count as it turned out large enough to fit three people). It has a funny smell!


As I write these lines, my basement is reeking of mothballs. I have been furiously shopping again for wool fabrics at thrift stores. One day this week, as I got home after work, I snuck in my weekly fabric purchases and stuffed in the washing machine. As soon as the wool cycle finished, I opened the laundry machine door to an overwhelming stench of mothballs.

I was quick to put the fabric on my drying rack in the basement, as far as possible from the kitchen. I do not want to raise my husband’s suspicion on that reeking smell. Especially so close to supper time!

However bad the stench, the mothballs did an amazing job in preserving my two batches of wool. The first one, a black and white worsted wool coating with a black stripe was an instant favorite. Although I have a sewing list planned all the way to June, I made an exception for this beauty. I had less than 2 meters to turn into something fabulous. The second piece, a medium gray wool suiting, is a good 3 meters. I will wait to find the perfect project for it.

I used the raglan sleeved coat pattern that was published last December in Sew magazine ( You can purchase current and past digital issues at I love English sewing magazines!



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