Channeling my Inner Wonder Woman


When I was a little girl, I was a big fan of Wonder Woman. Linda Carter was the epitome of strength and beauty in her bold red, blue and gold outfit. She kicked butts AND she wore a cape. She made such an impression on me that I asked my dad to help me write her a letter.

Last week, on my weekly fabric store visit, I stumbled upon a remnant of a plush and velvety navy blue coat fabric. Even though there was only 1m80 left on the bolt, it came home with me. What was I going to make out of this luxurious-feeling fabric? A cape-poncho hybrid.


My inspiration clearly comes from the Vogue pattern V9211. I self-drafted a pattern directly onto the fabric, making the most of the fabric. Unfortunately, I did not have enough fabric to make a collar, so I used navy blue knit binding instead.

This poncho-cape hybrid is such a different style than what I am used to wearing. The volume of fabric around feels a little overwhelming. I sewed down the sides to make sure that you can see the outline of a shape under all that billowy fabric.

The litmus test for this poncho-cape came when I showed it to my fiercest critic, my hubby. He liked it. I like it even though I’m still not sure that I’m going to wear it that much. It makes me feel like an art critic on my way to a museum. Maybe it’s a tad too artsy for me.

What do you think? (Honestly!)


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