The Flexible Fun Money Account and a Quilted Denim Jacket

How much more fabric can I stash in my sewing room? Not much. If my husband knew how much fabric I buy on a monthly basis, he would probably have me committed! Or worse, he might have me put more money towards more sensible (and not fun) things like our mortgage, or our retirement fund.

In order to leverage all the cash spent towards fabric, on January 1st, I had decreed that 2017 was going to be the year where I would sew all of my clothes. Oh well…that lasted all of 2 days. Right when my inbox started to fill up with super crazy deals of extended Boxing week sales, my willpower vanished.

With a bit of introspection, and when my credit card bill finally arrived, I came to the conclusion that when it comes to sewing, I have no willpower over nice shiny (or matte) new fabric.

Talking about nice things, here’s my first me-made clothing item of 2017, the pattern is from the early spring collection of McCall’s, model 7549. I took my time sewing it as it was my first time quilting fabric. I’m quite happy with the results.jacket

McCall’s Quilted Denim Jacket

Here’s a look at the same model but made in lighter denim. You will get a better view of the quilting details.


I already have another project lined up on my sewing table. See you in a couple of weeks for another slice of my sewing life!


8 thoughts on “The Flexible Fun Money Account and a Quilted Denim Jacket

  1. Is there a tax deduction for sewing clothes then donating them to underemployed women for job interviews for a better job. So, like if I made a jacket this for myself, then another one for someone else who might need a job interview jacket, then donate the second jacket. One of the problems under employed people have is not having professional clothes for a job interview and not enough money to buy clothes they rarely wear. I get to sew and use my stash and get a tax deduction, and someone else gets a chance for a better life for herself and her loved ones.


    1. While I don’t think that I will get any tax deductions for giving my office clothes to a women’s shelter, it does feel good to know that it might help someone in need. Also, in another blog post, I mentioned how I love to buy fabric at second-hand stores. The Goodwill, Value Village and Renaissance second-hand stores in my area all sell overstock fabric donated by manufacturers (Montreal is a fashion manufacturing hub). So, I do spend some of my fabric money and make some good gesture at the same time. Thanks!


  2. This is a very beautiful Jacket! I do not have the patience for quilting but will gladly make any other view lol! I recognize you from the Fabricville blog where I also blog! Glad to read that you are also from Mtl! I will need to check the thrift store. I had no idea they had overstock fabric by manufacturers!


    1. I am really proud to be a part of the Fabricville team of bloggers. Your creations on the blog and on are always feminine and very beautifully made. I hope to have the opportunity to meet you in person in the near future!


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