Guilty pleasures

Today’s post is about what happened to me when I started looking for fabric outside a fabric shop. Don’t get me wrong, I have a strong attachment to my favorite fabric store but sometimes I like to walk on the wild side. Where?

Thrift stores! This past month, I have been buying loads of gorgeous fabrics (I’m talking about wool coating, wool gabardine and silk) at a local thrift store. Yes, I have a steady income and no, I am not in need of second-hand stuff. However the hunter in me likes the thrill of a bargain and thrift stores have been my favorite spot for vintage sewing patterns and beaded cashmere sweaters in the past.

I found stacks of 80’s patterns (hello shoulder pads!) and shelves full of sewing reference books. As a sewing book collector, pattern stasher and fabric hoarder, I started to think that all this luck at one shop within the same week was a bit odd. Then I started to piece the puzzle together…. Either a crazy sewing lady was forced out of her fabrics, or worse, a neighborhood Italian tailor passed away. I sided with the story of the Italian tailor since there is way too much men’s suiting fabric in my stash. The thought of me giddily buying yards of fabric at pennies per yard while a family is mourning an Italian tailor makes me bittersweet.

To honor the imaginary Italian tailor, I will try to make the most gorgeous garments with these fabrics. I just hope that he will approve of my sewing skills!


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