A Gatsby-Themed Office Holiday Party

This year’s Holiday office party has a Gatsby theme. Wanting to immerse myself completely in the theme, I started researching and planning my outfit as soon as the party was announced in mid-October.

I found the dress’s sewing pattern on Burda Germany’s website. Check out this beauty!burda2376

Since the dress requires 5 yards of fringe, I ordered this 8″ chainette fringe from Expo International in the USA. The only item I had from a previous costume was a pair of elbow length gloves.

Moving to the topic of accessories, I bought a bedazzled cigarette holder and a very long stand of champagne-colored pearls from a local party store. For the finishing touch, I got myself a black feather boa to twirl around on the dance floor.

That leaves me to figure out the footwear. Reading the history of fashion books, it appears that women were wearing bobbin heels (around 2 inches). All the shoes were either Marie-Janes or Salomé style (t-strap) to secure their ankles. Neither of those styles is in my immodest shoe collection. I have to find a solution to the shoe conundrum before December 16th…

For the makeup and hair component of the look, YouTube has a plethora of tutorials to guide me. I plan on doing a dry run of both makeup and hair before the D-date.

I plan on keeping you updated on this project. Have I ever have risen to the challenge of a costume party with such fervor? Don’t think so. I’ll have to ask my parents. The mention of a prize for the best costume must have hit my competitive nerve!

In the meantime, I’m all ears if you have any footwear suggestion.


3 thoughts on “A Gatsby-Themed Office Holiday Party

  1. This sounds so fun! I hope they’ve got enough gin and whisky supplied to transport you to the 20’s 😉 Can’t wait to see the dress completed, are you going with black too?

    I went to a Gatsby party last year and had a similar shoe problem. I decided to just got with the shoe with the thickest heel and looked the most sensible….so i was in my swedish hasbeens clogs o.0 not the best choice but my dress and cloche hat was good enough to distract from them x


    1. Hi Meg! Yes, the dress will be all black. I have painfully uncomfortable 3-inch beaded sandals with an ankle strap that my hubby bought me years ago. My feet would need to be covered with band aids in order to be able dance all night. For now, they’re the only decent candidates in my shoe wardrobe. For sure, the gin and whiskey will surely help numb the pain… 🙂

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