Accidental Selflessness

When I tell people that I love to sew, they tend to think that it is an open invitation for them to give you projects. Nope, that is not the way it works! I am selfish. The only person I intend to sew for is me.

That being said, on the spur of the moment two weeks ago, I purchased Style Arc Maddison top sewing pattern. It is a lovely top with raglan sleeves. It is intended to work with both woven and knit fabrics. I decided to use a white crepe fabric my mother recently gave me. According to the size chart, I’m a size 8. I cautiously cut and sewed the top. Once all done and pressed, I put the top on and walk over to the mirror for a good dose of quiet gloating. Just to savor the moment. You know what I’m talking about, right? The moment you have been eagerly anticipating all day when you have been working so hard on a project?


The Maddison top by Style Arc

Oh no! The top is riding up. What is going on? My shoulders do not have the room to move. And the top is way too short for my long torso (hello belly button!). What? I’ve spent my precious time carefully sewing a top and it does not fit? Do not panic… I immediately had to think of a positive outcome for this top. Who do I like enough to give this top? My sister-in-law Christina!

I decided right then and there, in front of the mirror, that this beautifully crafted top will be one of Christina’s Christmas gift. A sense of calmness washed over me.  And there, I learned a valuable lesson, accidentally being selfless in sewing can feel good, as long as it’s occasional. And the second lesson is to google «raglan sleeves pattern alteration for square shoulders» before I try to make this top again.

Just to let you guys see what it is supposed to look like on a normal set of shoulders, here is a picture of a white poly crepe Maddison top (photo taken from the Style Arc website).


Maddison top in white poly crepe (picture taken from Style Arc’s website)

Hopefully my sister-in-law will like it….What do you think?


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