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Conquer the Fear of the Invisible (Zipper)

Although I have already shared my aversion to ripping seams in a previous post, I haven’t spilled all of my dark sewing secrets onto the blogosphere. I must confess that I have a bit of an aversion to invisible zippers. They never quite turn out the way I want them to. More often than not, I end up sewing them by hand which ends up boring me to death.

Two weeks ago, I made the B6183 Lisette culottes (or wide-leg pants, whichever term you prefer). I am not really keen on making my bottom half look larger than it is but I felt that I might benefit from wearing a higher waistline and a nice length to counterbalance the width of the pants.

I started out by putting in an invisible zipper, then I ripped it out. I sewed in a regular zipper. I ripped that one right out. Then I tried putting back the regular zipper once more only to rip it out one last time. Then, I had a good hard look at myself in the mirror followed by one of my mantra: “Stop whining, just do it”. And I put back the invisible zipper, and it worked. I’m going to spare you the detail about how long that whole process took me (hint: a ridiculous amount of time!)

Now on the technical part, the only alteration I made to the pattern is to add length to the center back seem and I modified the length of the pants to suit my taste. I wanted the pants to hit the narrowest part of my ankle to show off a killer pair of heels that I got last summer.

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