The Infamous IKEA Linen Jumpsuit

A few weeks ago, while shopping at IKEA for baskets to organize my messy sewing room, I came across a lovely linen panel in the “As Is” section of the store. After my initial giddiness of the $10 deal of the century, I had a little bit of trouble deciding which pattern to use. I initially thought about making into the Great British Sewing Bee Season 3 jumpsuit (see here for the full story). I then realized that I would prefer a wide leg version and a bit more shoulder coverage should I decide to wear it to work.


Ladies and gentlemen, let me present you the latest in IKEA fashion, the AINA Jumpsuit! I used a pattern from my stash (McCalls 6083). The modifications I made to the pattern are:

  • Lengthening the bodice by one inch,
  • Lengthening the center back seam by one inch,
  • Widening and cropping the leg.

After completing the jumpsuit, I realized that all that width at the shoulder did not really suit me. I modified it afterwards and here is the final results. The slimmer shoulder line is more in line with every type of “midi-length culotte jumpsuit” I saw on the net.

Not bad for a $10 curtain panel from IKEA!



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