Boyfriend or Girlfriend Jeans?

It is with absolutely no shame and a lot of pride that I post a picture of my derriere today for you to admire my brand new jeans. They took forever to complete. Not because they were complicated, but because I have a procrastination problem when it comes to ripping stitches. I won’t bore you with the details as my last post covered the issue at length.

Without further delay, please take a look at my proud first pair of jeans. I plan on digitalizing my pattern and tweaking it a bit. I think I might even share it with my sewing friends to test out. Just give me a couple of weeks to master Inskape first!

I based my pattern on a boyfriend-style jeans I absolutely adore (Lucky Jeans Sienna Cigarette Boyfriend). They are also very similar to a girlfriend-style jeans I have (Gap Girlfriend jeans). Which leads to wonder: what is the difference between boyfriend and girlfriend jeans? Is it just a marketing fad to make me buy more jeans? ‘Cause it’s working!


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