The Art of Stalling

Two months have passed since I last wrote on this blog. Over that period of time, I have thought about my commitment to blogging and the sewing list I made earlier in December 2015.

My conclusion? It was foolish to assume that I was going to complete one single item of clothing a month. The fact is that I’ve been working on cloning a pair of jeans for over two months now.

After procrastinating for the last two weeks, I came to the realization that no one would come and unpick the seams that needed unpicking. Yes, I dread unpicking seams! However passionate I am about sewing, this is the part of sewing I just cannot stand. For my entire sewing life, I have voluntarily abandoned a sewing project gone bad just to start another one.

At the start of 2016, as a way to commit myself to finishing my sewing projects, I decided to write about them in a blog. By making myself accountable to the blogosphere (is that a word?), I foolishly thought that I would rather unpick seams for hours than to risk disappointing my readers. Well, that did not work as intended. My tendency to procrastinate is still a problem but, I’m working on it.

I’m almost done working on the jeans. Even if I doubt that they will ever worn outside the house, I’m glad that I stuck to it. Pictures will come as soon as they are completed…I promise!


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