Loosing Myself on the Internet

After my last post about finding digital content for free on the web, I have not touched my sewing machine. Scavenging the corners of the internet for digital sewing patterns kept me busy. I was on the hunt to find sewing magazines and reference books.

My search was very fruitful. Luckily, we have no data limit at home or else I would have had a salty internet bill!

Among my discoveries, all of the Great Sewing Bee patterns, a tons of Russian and Dutch (or German) Burda patterns. I found the best reference book ever for fitting patterns (Pattern Fitting with Confidence by the amazing Nancy Zieman).

In my humble opinion, I think that Canada is lagging behind when it comes to sewing and crafts in general. Aside from a few quilting stores, we have very few fabric stores outside the big cities. There are no sewing or crafts magazine in my native French. I have not seen anything in English either aside the usual Vogue patterns, ThreadsSew News and Stitch magazine while travelling to the United States.

The nicest magazines are the Brazilian Manequim and Moda Moldes. The Russian Atelier magazine is very instructional with its technical drawings. In Russia, they also have Susana Moden and Diana Moden, both showing lovely designs. I love Patrones from Spain, Knipmode from Germany and Burda from all over the world. In the UK, there seems to be a plethora of sewing magazines (Make It Today, Simply Sewing and Sewing World).

My latest obsession is the perfect pair of jeans. I am working on copying a pair of Lucky jeans Sienna Cigarette boyfriend jeans. I will keep post a picture as soon as I sew them



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