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New Year’s Resolutions

No, this is not going to be one those articles about unleashing the power from within…No, this is going to be an article about promises I make to myself in front of the world. Well, in the presence of the few people I have managed to attract so far.

Resolution number one:

In 2016, I promise only purchase fabric that I intend to use in 2016. To prove the necessity of that resolutions, I point to the box full of Laura Ashley wannabe fabric that was intended for a quilt that never materialized happened. And what about the 4 yards of yellow teapot-print cotton duck I have had for over 10 years? I rest my case!

Resolution number two:

Throw away more stuff. I suffer from the “what if it ever comes back in style” syndrome. This applies to sewing patterns, fabric and even clothes. I promise to get rid of more stuff this year. I’ll send my castaways to Goodwill.

Resolution number three:

Only plan for 4 to 6 hours of sewing per week. Anymore and it won’t happen. So, I plan to wake up early each and every Saturday and Sunday morning and sew up a storm before 10 in the morning.

Resolution number four:

I must admit, this one will be the hardest for me. I must read and follow the sewing instructions. This technical writer is the worst at reading other people’s work!

That is it! My four sewing resolutions for 2016.

Have you made your list yet?




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